Y Global

Together we bulid global justice and peace

Y Global is an independent development and solidarity organisation owned by the Norwegian YWCA- YMCA and the Norwegian YWCA-YMCA scouts. We work towards giving human new facilities and build strong democratic communities.

Our Projects are cooperated with our international partners- where the initiative comes from the grassroots. In this way we help build up viable and justified communities where the help is most needed. The main target for our projects is children, youth and women. Our experience is that these groups often struggle and are targets towards unfair treatment, therefor they need extra support. We want to change the way children, youth and women are treated!

We work toward a justice based development. With this we mean that people in the communities should demand justice, to create development and to get out of poverty. It is a human right to be a citizen in your own country, it is a right to demand environmental based development, it is a right to demand economic justice and just peace. 

It is this Y Global work towards, by focusing on four thematic areas: