Together Building Global Justice And Peace

We believe that poverty and the unequal distribution of recourses in the world is created by man-made, unjust systems that benefit the rich and powerful. Misguided politics has created poverty, and by changing unjust policies and consume patterns we can contribute towards creating a more just world. We are working to give young people new possibilities and build strong, democratic societies. Our projects are run through partnerships with local NGOs, mainly YWCAs and YMCAs, and our target group is youth and women.

Open, Loving, Just and Brave

These values are our fundament and creates the foundation for our work. We are open to everyone, regardless of religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or political conviction. Our work is based on love for all people. We are creating a more just world and believe that this will only happen by changing the man-made causes to poverty and injustice. We will always strive to be brave and dare to challenge established positions in our own network and in the society at large.

The Y-movement in Norway

The YWCA-YMCA Scouts is one of the biggest children and youth organizations in Norway, containing more than 11.000 members and 250 local groups all across the country. The Norwegian YWCA-YMCAs mission is to develop and care for the whole human being with body, mind and spirit. They want to help people to live and to grow in their Christian believes and contribute to increased understanding between different human beings. They will also engage young people for change, both within the churches and within the community, both locally and globally.

YWCA And YMCA Across The World

YWCA and YMCA exists all arond the world in more than 140 countries. The organizations have somewhere around 70 million members. This makes Y Global part of a movement that covers huge parts of the world. Both the organizations share the triangle ideology – where body, mind and spirit is key. For short, both organizations us the letter Y as a joint identity, hence Y Global. YMCA was founded in 1844 and is therefore one of the biggest and oldest movements in the world. The YMCA is working towards social justice and peace, with young people as their target group. YWCA is a global network of woman working towards social and economic development in more than 120 countries. Volunteerism, diversity, inclusion and responsibility are key values for the YWCA