Mashariki Open Scene

Youth cultural night featuring SRHR awareness creation, fun and talent showcasing.

Skardiza designs showcased by Mashariki models. Photo: Amalia Pop.

It took focus amidst challenges and a lot of willing hands to organise Mashariki Open Scene. Our goal is that as many young people as possible are aware and willing to reflect on discussions related to Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). That individually or in a group, one can  request for facilitation on SRHR discussions and  give  feedback on improving the platform to become  even more fun, culturally diverse, informative and youth driven.

'Asante' for talent showcasing

In East Africa (Mashariki), Asante means thank you. We are genuinely thankful for the attendance, participation and spirit of volunteerism. To our talented performers Herbie Skarbie, Chris Destin, Chris the hype dancer, Noh, Gael, Ethiopian dancers, Dj Ziggie and Dj Kevoh we are grateful for sharing your talent with us and may your stars shine bright. To the designer of the day; Shayne Kawuma we are grateful for showcasing Skardiza designs during Mashariki Open Scene. We are grateful that the fantastic mashariki models Sandrine, Sharon, Wendy, Mercy, Cecily, Amalia, Luana, Winnie, Malia, Maria, Job, Gael, Edmond and Ian were willing and happy to showcase skardiza designs. Mashariki models you did a good catwalk and it should be noted it’s a catwalk not runway as our Supervisor from Y Global, Jenny Fretheim says. Many may not have noticed her and Kristin from Amathea from the crowd, but we are grateful that you both came and we value your ideas, concern and guidance in our Fredskorpset (FK) exchange. 

In The African culture it’s said that the way to the heart is through the stomach. Amidst, the fashion show, the performances and informative sessions, we had a delicious meal organized and prepared by Stella, Anthony, Susan Gatwiri, Susan Wanjira and Safia Abdi. We are glad that we have some reminders of the ‘chapatis’ on photos. Thank you Amalia, for the good photos, we have something to remind us of this cultural evening. Thank you Isaac from Mix TV online for capturing the event as well as the challenge in setting the bar high in having a lively Mashariki Poster.

Masculinity discussion comes alive

They say after the party; the hosts do the clean-up, we are happy that still on an early Saturday morning, Seid was there ready to transport the Catwalk stagedex from Forandringshuset, Grønland. It was going to be some hard work but in the struggle, what better way to bump into your FK preparatory course mate from Entebbe, Uganda. It is a double joy at this point; one to see him across the street after 9 months and two because his strong muscles could be very ideal. At this point the transformative masculinity discussion the previous night becomes very much alive. In this case, Paul is not using his strong muscles to beat up a girl, no he is using them positively. At a glance, there is an incoming text and it is Axel; the young man from Skøyen kirke probably enquiring if we are still coming as organized with Petter Hanseid from Y Global office. Late again! The African timing again! I had hoped we would prove Stella; the master of ceremony wrong when she stated that the only place we are not late is with the UDI (Immigration) appointments. We had all laughed at this. What would have been of the evening, without our humorous and well-seasoned masters of ceremonies. More to that, their  Illustrations on  sexual consent  through dramatization added a good simplistic effect to the discussion.  Thank you Anthony and Stella; for making Mashariki such a fun space to be.

We are happy about your enquiries on the dates for the next awareness activity. Be sure to join the discussions.