Global Week

Peace Makers Global Week 

Peacemaker is a global movement built up by young people of many groups from different countries, cultures and regions who fight for global justice and peace. Peacemakers fight global injustices and policies that are unfavorable and unjust. Building global justice and peace is the core theme of YGlobal. With a network of partners both in Europe, Africa, and Asia, we create awareness and empower young people to take the lead in the work for a more just world. The Peacemaker movement has been spreading throughout Europe with the help of Erasmus+ Global Week. We believe that everyone can change the world if exposed to the right tools, and that is why Global Week exists.

Global Week

Global Week is a summer event of around 50 young people in Norway for 1 week of discussions, learning, action, and exciting meetings. With participants from 10 countries, Global Week is a place to get a feeling of how small the world is. At Global Week 2021, we will talk about what we can do to make the world a better place for everyone. We will learn how to develop campaigns, how to get young people involved and how to use different tools and social media to create a more just world. Due to the continues travel restrictions and uncertainties due to Covid-19, Global Week 2021 will be digital just like Global Week 2020. Global Week 2021 will also be held digitally with focus on building local communities' capacity to advocate for justice, especially in the times of covid-19. By using the skills and knowledge that our alumni's and new Peacemakers have gained over the years in other previous Global Week gatherings, alumni's and other participants will build their own local communities. Peacemakers' local activities and virtual conferences will ensure that we maximize the resources and skills gained.

Følg med på våre Facebook-sider og hør med KFUK-KFUM i ditt nærområde. I sommer arrangeres flere leirer og aktiviteter med Globalløp og Globalchallenge.

What to expect at Global Week 2021 online Workshop

Virtual networking: Global Week Online makes it easier to network and collaborate with other passionate young peolple from different parts of the world. You will be able to make new friends and share ideas, projects and stories form different parts of the world.

Learning: you will learn what other like minded people are working on in their local communities and understand how the world works outside your own community and country. you will learn global issues and how it affects local communities and share experience based on where you come from.

Mind, Body and Spirit: Being at Global Week gives you an oppotunity to grow Mentally; by engaging in productive educational skills sharing, grow physically; by including physical games and fun activities and finally you get a sense of oneness and working towards a passion bigger than yourself.

Photos: Peacemakers