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Together building global justice and peace 

We believe that we can create a more just world by changing the man-made causes of poverty and injustice. YGlobal should be brave and dear to challenge the status quo within our own networks and in the society at large.

A holistic approach to justice and peace

Poverty and injustice do not happen by chance, but by design. It is only by changing unjust policies we create lasting justice and peace for all. At the same time, these injustices are happening right now in local communities around the world. Therefore, YGlobal is working on all different levels of society. We are working with individuals in local communities to address injustices happening every day, as well as on a regional and global level challenging the unjust policies that are creating these injustices to begin with. Luckily, poverty and growing inequality between people is created by people and can therefore be changes by people! 

Through extensive cooperation with partners in 12 different countries, young people are given knowledge about their rights and how to demand them, possibilities to join activities that gives economic stability, access to good health services and a seat at the table in important decision-making processes. YGlobal is also providing young people with knowledge about unjust policies and a platform to change them. The Stop Poverty campaign [hyperlink] and the Free Palestine Campaign [hyperlink] are demanding decision-makers locally, nationally and globally to change policies to secure climate justice, just peace, economic justice, gender justice and democratic participation for all.

We create change!

Through our work, we reach more than 25 000 children, youth and women directly every year. More than 50 000 lives are affected by the work we do together with local partners, and we are proud to be running our work in an efficient way.