Just Peace

Just peace is not just the absence of war, but also a just distribution of resources, freedom of religion, freedom of speech and equal rights for all. Through our work we give youth and women non-violent tools to create lasting peace.

Women’s Participation in Peace Work 

In many war-torn countries it is the men sitting at the negotiation table. The same men that uses weapons to make their agenda, sit together to write an agreement that is meant to provide security to the people. The women are put in a room in the back or are not present at all. We wish to change this. A peace agreement without the participation of women is not a just agreement and can not lead to a just peace. Through international resolutions like the UN’s security resolution 1325 we are actively working to strengthen YWCA’s work in countries in conflict. We contribute to women being heard are getting heard and are allowed to participate in all processes regarding working with peace.

Non-violent Means Towards Peace 

Extremism is increasing in many parts of the world. We are helping youth being brave enough to choose knowledge and democratic processes above violent solutions. By finding methods that promote societal change without violence, we give youth the tools they ned to create a safe and just future.

Reconciliation Between Different Religious and Ethnical Groups 

Many places, reconciliation between groups are imperative. Both to making sure that peace will include everyone in a society, but also to ensure a long, lasting peace. Therefore, dialog between religious leaders, ethnical groups and across generation is important to make an inclusive society with equal rights for all.

Violence Against Women 

Women are often the ones that are affected most in war and conflict. Both psychological and physical violence towards women increase when a country is participating actively in war and in conflict areas with a lot of turmoil and uncertainty. We challenge youth to think differently and new when it comes to equality and equivalence.