Reduced Inequality

Economic justice revolves around the work towards that no humans should have to live in poverty. YGlobal is working with individuals to ensures their livelihood, with local communities to stop corruption and with global structures in order to change policies that creates injustice.


Economic Security 

When normal life revolves around providing food for your family, it is hard to think about the future. Through our work, youth and women get the opportunity to ensure their own income. Our goal is to change social structures to create lasting economic security.

Money in a Box Becomes So Much More 

When twenty members of a group put some money in a bx every week, will this way of saving money after a while become an investment fund. We call it savings and investments groups. This is a simple idea that plays a huge difference in individuals’ and families’ lives. Where there’s scarce access to bank services for people that are struggling economically, the fund provides safe access to savings and loans. This give people an opportunity to start a business, cover health expenses and other unforeseen expenditure. All this ensures economic safety.

Making Local Authorities Accountable

Economic safety is about creating security for individuals and within local communities. For us to achieve this, the local authorities need to fulfill their commitments without corruption and embezzlement. Building of infrastructure, classrooms and providing health services are often the responsibility of the authorities, but sometimes money disappear without the service being delivered. Therefore, we educate youth to understand public budgets so that they know what their rights are and can make the authorities accountable. This increases the chances for roads being built, for school buildings to get the windows that money is set aside for and that the standard for the services to the public get satisfactory.

Global Structures

Escape of capital, bad debt policies and poor trading conditions are hindering development. Too many individuals and multinational companies take advantage of bad and faulty economic structures. Greedy companies embezzle tax revenues that should have been used towards god for people who need it. We are working to change the structures that maintain uneven distribution and are hindering development for nations and individuals.