Gender Justice

Youth are vulnerable. Young people are meant to live in a world with full human rights and be free of discrimination. We are working for youth to change the world by democratic and peaceful means.

Young People Are Vulnerable

Young people are a vulnerable group, at great risk of being exploited by political forces to create disturbance and conflict. Many young people don’t participate in societal decision making, because they don’t know their rights. Therefore, there is a great need to strengthen youth involvement in democratic processes. Youth are also vulnerable in close relations. Violence against young people is a huge problem in many countries, and many people lack knowledge about their sexual and reproductive rights. This often leads to problems like child marriages, rape and female genital mutilation (FGM).

Influence over Your Own Life

Schooling and leader raining are important activities for young people to develop knowledge about their rights and to be active in the society, both locally and globally. When the government can’t provide the necessary social services, the youth, through our work, are involved in making sure that human rights are fulfilled by demanding education and health services.

Education And Health

We work with providing school and health services where public services fail. YMCA/YWCA has long traditions when it comes to offering youth an education, and at the same time we always work towards the public sector so that it will be responsible to provide education and health services. In this way, we can create a lasting system that provides public services for everyone in the society.

Against Discrimination

Many traditions are discriminating, and locked gender roles prevents equality. Our work causes young people to distance themselves from discrimination and violence. We work with violence and discrimination that is based on gender, religion and ethnicity by educating youth to fight for women and men’s rights to take part in political processes. We are giving youth a stronger voice, and fight for young people to be heard.