Climate Justice

The world’s poor have the least responsibility for the climate change, but they are the most affected. That’s why climate change is a question of injustice. We are working for fair climate policies and green alternatives for action.

Green Restructuring

Rich countries have the largest, historically responsibility for greenhouse gas emissions, but it’s the world’s poorest that experience the biggest consequences. Climate change is in this way a injustice issue. Our opinion is that Norway and other rich countries and other wealthy countries must take their historically responsibility and ensure a restructuring from fossil to green energy. This entails that we must cut down on emissions, in Norway, drastically and immediately. In order to get a global restructuring, it is important with global cooperation, and states must contribute with ambitious goals for cutting emissions. National commitments need to be improved to make sure that the increase in temperature globally doesn’t exceed 1,5 degrees. Even though the main responsibility for climate and environmental change lies with governments, decision makers and companies, we encourage also individuals to reduce their own consumption and make climate friendly decisions.

Climate Adaptation

Climate change is already a fact. Environmental changes like loss of biodiversity and soil erosion are amplified by man made climate change. I addition to implement a green restructuring, it is essential for us to adapt to the change in climate that is happening today. This entails, among other things, that Norway must contribute to finance climate mitigation measures in countries that are severely afflicted by climate change. Through our climate projects in Tanzania and Bangladesh, youth receive training in climate mitigation measures in their local communities.

Climate Knowledge

The consumption pattern of individuals is the key to create a sustainable society. Because of that, knowledge about climate change and climate policies are paramount, and it’s the reason we provide training to youth to educate them about climate change, climate adaption and effective environmental measures in their local communities. We focus on helping youth to develop livelihoods within organic farming and renewable energy, in addition to raise awareness of their right to clean water and safe sanitary conditions. Norway works with volunteers to increase their knowledge of climate change, so that they can keep up with focused campaigns towards government and decision makers in Norway. Knowledge about climate change is the key to create change for a greener future.